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Episode 45: Who Needs an Introduciton?

Wait, did we totally miss the intro to our show this week? Yep... but to make up for it, in this episode we talk about a gas-leak at work, Chris taking a trip, and a pretty good discussion on drones and the current state of usage and legislation. (read more)

Episode 44: A Prime Show

Prime Day 2017 came and went, and well... somehow it broke records even though we didn't buy anything. Casey tries to convince Phil that having Echo devices is somehow better than having a Sonos or a Bose system, and Google re-releases another product it already has with a new name and integration point. (read more)

Episode 43: The Adlib Format

Introducing our new format, the adlib show! Instead of following the script, Casey and Phil discuss the things that are on their mind and have a mouthful to say about the state of iOS 11. (read more)

Episode 42: The I/O 2017 Show

The party is over and it is time to discuss the new products, services, and joy-or- disappointment that has become the annual I/O show. Also with MP3 finally being officially dead, welcome to our first MP4/AAC show! (read more)

Episode 41: Traffic in the Background

Some applications may seem safe and make it in the walled garden, but checking what they are actually doing with a proxy like Charles Proxy can clue you in to what they are really doing. Amazon releases new Echo devices, SS7 has been exploited, and more on this episode of Developer Antics. (read more)

Episode 40: A New Conversation

Time to change things up again, instead of attempting to cover all of the news, we have picked a few discussion points about mac malware, passwords not being testimony, slack conversation recording, and ultrasonic tracking. (read more)

About Developer Antics

Developer Antics is an informative podcast that brings you up to speed on some of the latest trends in the software industry as well as some lively conversation about current events. We bring you tech news and explain why it matters and the role it plays in your life.

The show is hosted by Phil and Casey, two enterprise solution architects who each bring a unique perspective to the table. Both are solution architects, but are separated by their background expertise. Casey is a server-side champion of Java while Phil is a client-side and mobile expert.

The show style is based off of a webinar that Casey and Phil did for Spring on building a shopping cart in 24 hours. This webinar broke the record for attendance as well as having the distinction of having a webinar run longer in the Question and Answer portion than the actual presentation.

Casey and Phil have previously hosted "The Full Stack" podcast and are excited to bring this new show and format to the masses.