Episode 51: Google Release Party

Google Release Party This week we discuss: Home Mini/Max Pixels 2 Translation buds Derpa cam… I mean Clip (clippy?) $250 camera thing Pixelbook… so hoooot… Nest doorbell (read more)

Episode 50: Do Not Call

Do Not Call This week we discuss: Do Not Call list - https://www.donotcall.gov/ Equiforked - again…facepalm New Google products leaked :) (read more)

Episode 49: Around the World without Fail

Smartwatches, Feature or Fad This week we discuss: Nest, new item, and new event Echo drop-in feature Smartwatches, is this finally the year everyone gets one? - New to the game, Diesel (Android Wear), Misfit Vapor (Fossil owns them btw) - Vivoactive 3 with “Garmin pay” $1000 iPhone - keep away the unwashed masses (read more)

Episode 48: Watching the Smartwatches

Smartwatches, Feature or Fad This week we discuss: Nest, new item, and new event Echo drop-in feature Smartwatches, is this finally the year everyone gets one? - New to the game, Diesel (Android Wear), Misfit Vapor (Fossil owns them btw) - Vivoactive 3 with “Garmin pay” $1000 iPhone - keep away the unwashed masses (read more)

Episode 47: What is your antivirus?

Feature or Fad This week we discuss: The state of anti-virus - Reasons you need anti-virus - Reasons you don’t need it Accuweather… a great example of how not to create a product and react to your dirty-dealings Apple TV… turns out no one is using them, but everyone is using a Roku and a FireTV stick a very brief discussion on dark ux/design (read more)

Episode 46: Feature or Fad?

Feature or Fad This week we discuss: Changes to iTunes subscribers and what these changes mean for the show More malware… again? And in everything? What do we do, how do we stay safe? Predictions on iPhone 8? Pixel 2 reportedly taking the HTC “Squeeze” feature… but still being made by LG Our thoughts on new phone features such as infinity display and squeeze (read more)

Episode 45: Who Needs an Introduciton?

Who Needs an Introduction This week we discuss: A gas leak at work Taking a corporate retreat in Bali Drones, including current and previous legislation and our thoughts on drone usage (read more)

Episode 44: A Prime Show

A Prime Show This week we discuss: Prime Day 2017 Dash Wand Google Home Nest Google Sync/Drive A quick mention ofusing Google Meet (hangouts blue edition) (read more)

Episode 43: The Adlib Format

The Adlib We’ve been gone, we’re sorry New show format, the adlib! If we were a band, this would be one of our great live shows Ever try to say screen shot and screen “shift” at the same time? Phil tried and well… it did NOT come out right iOS 11, the cool new features that we are excited about, and a few that really just don’t make sense (read more)

Episode 42: The I/O 2017 Show

Ok Google, what’s new this year? Google Home - What is new, and why is it amazing Android Protect, what amazing stuff is this? Google Photos - Share for the peoples! Is this creepy at all? Kotlin becomes a certified approved Android language Android Go!.. really? Why? Windows S sounds like the suck, do we really need Android “hobbled edition”? Google Lens Google Assistant for iOS Gmail for iOS now supports “auto replies” -> again, awesome or creeeeeepy? (read more)

Episode 41: Traffic in the Background

What traffic are your apps doing in the background? What exactly are your apps doing without your knowledge? You can grab a proxy like Charles, configure it for your device and find out (or get a friend to do it) New Echo Show and subsequent calling feature? Amazon shutting down the underground… you know the free game program SMS vulnerability for 2FA abused via SS7 Windows Defender opens the door - and slams it 2 days later, good protocol via the Google Zero team Forget malware, your computer manufacture does it better (read more)

Episode 40: A New Conversation

News Mac malware that has a valid developer signature Miami Judge says passwords keys not testimony Is Slack your work friend? Android apps using sound to track users (read more)

Episode 39: Phil is away, so Chris and I Play!

News No YouTube show this week, so be sure to subscribe to the podcast to get at least your audio fix! Security Another group recognizes the value of bug bounty, the US Air Force Edge suffers from age old problem Linux malware on the rise Lastpass 2FA broken, now fixed Business Paste without copy Other Flying cars by 2020 (read more)

Episode 38: Let Freedom Ring, Or At Least Free Stuff

News Security Second factor is enough? MS ditching the password MasterCard replacing pin with print I thought this was dead but guess I was wrong If you travel internationally, watch the bank statements Another unicode site hit Business Chrome to come with an ad blocker? Looks like this could be legitamite and not fake news… we’ll see Apple makes its first party apps free Blizzard also giving away software Today’s Tip Ahh the glory years, when 8Mhz processor and 1MB of ram was enough ram for anyone. (read more)

Episode 37: The Mother of All Shows

News Watch this episode on DeveloperAntics 360 on YouTube: https://youtu.be/zQD63LqKe4I If you like it, be sure to subscribe. Wish we’d give up on 360 and go to a traditional layout? Sure, we can do that, just let us know! Security Age old advice, don’t open attachements you don’t know One for the peoples, take that Squirrels! Gamestop CC info breach, scope not yet defined Business Chrome Web VR Octane being depricated Burger King went Evil, and as an update Google was using a voice-print to stop the ad, so BK switched voices to try again… sigh. (read more)

Episode 36: One Year Anniversary

News Security I agree with Comey for the first time ever Remote car hacks? If you run a PHP site, might want to check for this Not really surprising is it? Maybe it’s time to ask ‘should we’, before going smart You shouldn’t connect to unknown wifi Brick the IoT Double agent turns your antivirus against you Nokia asks you to consider a feature phone. For security. No, millions of iPhones are not in danger New Point of Sale malware Business Play store offers free app of the week… Or uh. (read more)

Episode 35: iPhones, Alexa, and Malware, Oh My!

News We are live on YouTube! While we don’t quite have our vanity URL yet, you can find and subscribe to us by using the following links: Watch Episode 35 in glorious 360: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iv9FIk3rEYI Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5FfvMgR0dxDhp0h-4yzxDA Security EFF has a guide for crossing the border When PGP isn’t Wishbone hacked Captcha is finally out of the user’s way Allo may share your search history Malware found pre-installed on some devices, and then it sounds like us More likely answer, it was trending on YouTube, but that isn’t good tinfoil-hat reporting Business Where to even start MicroSoft goes way too far Visa at it again with payments Alphabet’s Jigsaw takes on Jargon Alexa may soon START a conversation with you iPhone useful; Android comes to the iPhone iPhone useful; again or as I like to think of it, Amazon fixes Siri In a single app on the Play store I want one, it is a jacket first, like all good wearables it focuses first on function Google lets you command and control your kids phone Today’s Tip If you use Android, Google has made it fun easy to customize! (read more)

Episode 34: The CIA Knows What You Did Last Summer

News Security Nest adds 2FA, txt only option CIA hacking kit may be on wikileaks Google to CIA, we patched that Scams don’t die, they just sleep - I tried to figure out how current; This looks current but the same article is about a year old on another network, syndication maybe? Hats off for innovation, but some flaws here Comey says, no such thing as absolute privacy in the US Struts 2 exploited via OGNL for Java code execution Business Tesla to former attempted employee, IP theft will be prosecuted Google finally steps up to Slack with Hangouts Chat for G Suite customers Echo Next echo might make calls Hope this happens soon because I love this! (read more)

Episode 33: The Brick is Back

News Security Dolls as surveillance? Mac malware catching up to Windows Malware from Iran? SHA1 continues sunset, finally cracked New skimmers out there When a developer is infected Business Nokia 3310 Not surprising, honestly what took so long Broadcast TV will not die Amazon fail, shows the world how companies should handle these things Other Cell phones probably don’t cause cancer (read more)

Episode 32: The Echo Show

Amazon Echo Let’s talk about the amazing Amazon Echo! Echo now has some contextual awareness You can now wake Echo with “Computer” Echo Commands Tap is now useful Future of Echo? Google Assistant wins a question contest Google Home starts approaching useful Microsoft getting in on the digital assistant space? Assistant on the pixel can control smart home Alexa in cars by Ford Alexa in cars by logitech News Security Microsoft demonstrates how NOT to react to a 0 day (read more)

Episode 31: The Cyber-War Has Gone to the Squirrels

Cyberwar Who’s winning the cyber war? Squirrels! Security Breeze over the most important part, they sideloaded an app It may be optional, but a bad trend President Trump using a consumer Android? Not really news is it? If you have a linux box this is concerning, but seems easy to thwart Business Wish this would happen here Kind of mad about this one. Google becomes a CA Everything else I want one of these Game mode coming to windows New things in chips, corn chips Next Week The Echo Show! (read more)

Minisode 01: The 2017 Trailer

News Can you hear the scam now? - Note that Snopes has not proven this one as accurate yet, but it is good to think about 2 Hours of scamming the scammers Malware in Google Play store found Former Mozilla developer says to stop using an anti-virus in Windows Study on some Android VPNs apps show that Some VPNs are worthless and may actually expose/install malware EFF has changed up their list, but here is the guide to staying secure on the internet You can also use this test to see if your DNS information is leaking, which means your VPN is working (read more)

Episode 30: CES and the AppStore Monopoly

News CES - this event is way to big to cover in a simple post, so instead I discuss why CES is cool, and why it can also be a little passe. Business Apple may be opened back up to be sued on monopoly charges with the Appstore FitBit bought another smartwatch maker, this time the company Vector Andy Rubin started a company called Essential, and the new phone is rumored to be glass and ceramic with no bezel, we’ll see ;) (read more)

Episode 29: Passcodes Are Evidence

News This week we spend a little time talking about passcodes being considered evidence and being required, without warrant, to be surrendered to police. Security Florida says passcode is not testimony, hoping for SCOTUS to overturn New ransomware uses the farmville model Netgear routers security vulnerability Another router vulnerability Is this really a good idea? If you’re not a celeb, this probably doesn’t directly apply, but still a worrying trend, not cool, uber not cool Facebook releases parent’s portal You can’t win vs Physical access Stay in the walled garden, don’t install apps if not from the store Consider buying a device from a premium manufacturer Most clever malware of all time New malware for virtual devices Business Mobile first SEO is now the priority with SERP Google Assistant finally starts to be useful Assistant finally gets 3rd party developers Cortana following suit Seriously, who has taken over Microsoft, kudo’s on the landline-to-skype realtime translations! (read more)

Episode 28: The Wearables Show

The Wearables Show In this episode we spent a great deal of time talking about what a wearable is, giving examples of them, and discussing where we hope they are headed in the future. Fitbit buys pebble Wearables yes, smartwatches no News Security Visa Card details flaw A win for privacy Business Amazon GO Samsung over Apple AR cycling glasses Note that during the show Phil remembered some glasses that he thought were made by raptor, but it was Recon (read more)

Episode 27: Fake News In The News and On The Rise

Fake News Examples of fake news: http://www.theverge.com/2016/11/25/13748226/cnn-accidentally-airs-porn-fake-news-boston http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2016/11/25/false-cnn-porn-report-shows-how-fast-fake-news-spreads/94441324/ http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/tv-station-duped-giving-racist-names-san-fran-pilots-article-1.1397490 “Real” news can sometimes make spotting fake news hard: Seriously? Digging a hole? Yeah, and it’s going to get worse: Students can’t spot fake news, they think paid ads are news Not all fake news comes from fake news sites, but… using this extension for Chrome may help “Actual” News Security Don’t type Google into google Here comes the Minority Report Look hard enough and everything is bad DoD opens Hack the Army Social Networks for malware - Note that Facebook says they are not vulnerable, but phoney browser extensions are to blame Britain goes full on 1984 Gooligan, and if you listen to this show, it’s not a problem for you SF Transit was air-quote hacked, and they send a message Business Casey can’t make it work yet, but the skill is there; Texting with ATT via Alexa Save Battery, delete FaceBook Who says there is nothing new in browsers Nokia coming back next year, with Android Other True, they stood on the sholders of giants, but this is what is wrong with medicine The first of I hope many dedicated tissue printing facilities Because of course, DOOM on the Touchbar Google App maker, like Forms but for apps Today’s Tip Have an Android phone? (read more)

Episode 26: Happy Thanksgiving!

Security Some Android phones calling home via Adups malware? Adups gotcha down? Not if you have a ZTE phone Google marks repeat offender malware sites Poison Tap, a fun new way to prove that Physical Access is always the weakest link Pixel cracked in less than 60s at PwnFest by the 360 Alpha Team… so.. Uh.. whoops Business Microsoft is going to help expand Tizen Microsoft joins the Linux Foundation Visual Studio for Mac preview now available LinkedIn blocked in Russia Domino’s pizza delivered by drone LeEco, so… yeah, they are sorta-kinda-but-not-really-possibly broke. (read more)

Episode 25: The Virtually Huge Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Show

Virtual and Augmented Reality Virtual Reality (VR) Altspace VR binge watching Nintendo switch may support VR Google’s Daydream Daydream VS Gear Augmented Reality (AR) Microsoft HoloLens Note that Marvel movies as well as films like Furious 7 use AR to enhance the actors looks, apparel, and details News New device pairing tech Medical Device USB dongle that can help in HIV diagnosis and treatments (read more)

Episode 24: The Ups and Downs of Modern Devices

Security Huge DDoS attack on Dyn DNS provider via mirai Something good to come out of the Note7 fiasco Feels like less about the problem and more about politics Feds have warrant to require unlocking fingerprint secured phones Srsly think about things New Android Exploit Dirty cow works on Android Microsoft angry with Google over security leak, and they should be Foresquare and weebly hacked, usual change passwords, enable 2FA, change it and stop using perhaps… iPhone image, font, pdf exploit patched 10. (read more)

Episode 23: ICANN Haz News

Headline ICANN handover complete Security The government was reading your email, if you use Yahoo! IoT DDOS source released, and the FBI wants the same kind of thing for iPhones The FBI trying to crack another iPhone NYC adding facial recognition to tunnels and bridges, because ¯_(ツ)_/¯ FCC working to better secure your data No Apple watches in UK cabinet meetings. Russia might be listening Business Replacing your Note 7 might not work … And the Note 7 is dead A move I would expect from Amazon MicroSoft allowing iPhone login using Windows Hello Amazon Prime adds prime reading One font to rule them all! (read more)

Episode 22: This Headline Has Probably Been Hacked

Security Once again proving Comey wrong Yahoo hacked, 500 million accounts Tesla Model S can be remote hacked Yet another high profile twitter hacked Interesting information on North Korean internet 3D-printed guns are not free speech Tesla is fixing autopilot in the most interesting way Passwords? Store them in plain text to make it easier for the hackers… the real surprise here is the number of users the site had Ubuntu Forums were hit and 2M creditials were taken, yes this is an old story, but a good reminder to check your credentials anyway Apple admits to dumbing down security for backups in iOS 10, but it was to reduce user complaints and the good news is that they are going to fix it (also, this has been slightly blown out of proportion - as always, thanks for the panic media outlets! (read more)

Episode 21: The Rules Have Changed

Security Rule 41, I think they should have called it rule 1984 US Names a Chief Information Security Officer Yelp launches bug bounty program A great thing I totally support Business Why not Apple? Playstation comes to the PC Exploding phones, pretty sure Samsung knows a thing or two about this Looks like Android will get it too Autonomous Uber, ride today! We figured out what it means that our card is now accepted by android pay. (read more)

Episode 20: 20th Episode of Pure Awesome

Apple iPhone ditching the home button? FALSE, But it did go touch sensitive iPhone 7 water resistant and ditching headphone jack, what about Square and other accessories? Yeah that’s ok, Apple can run with it Something for Chris, or as Android users would call it, “scren pinning” Apple engineer rejected for bringing actual genius to the “genius bar”, agism iWork gets collaboration, or you know you could have been using Google Docs since 2011 Security Our general complaint about sites asking for CC in the clear in this day and age, guys get a cert, please Opera web sync was hacked Why? (read more)

Episode 19: Your Big Data and We All Want It

Security New scam in the UK, seriously just be smart No one bought them but everyone is using them Apple iOS software is open to intrusion People ignore software security warnings up to 90% of the time Government We don’t think this is stupid at all, although airgap is getting more sophisticated all the time Canadian court ruling on SMS privacy means you shouldn’t be using SMS Mozilla asks the EU, don’t break the internet Manbang, just launched in North Korea (Netflix for the North) Business Another awesome move by Google! (read more)

Episode 18: The Social Network Brawler

Social Network brawler Oddly enough, Myspace is still a thing Twitter is also still a thing, but the ads and video are killing our interesting with it Facebook is what our family uses and seems well suited for… that - Oooh! Look Facebook and Ad Blocker have started a war! Google+ is the site for sharing your interests, passions, and hobbies LinkedIn, the little engine that really really wanted to be a social network but isn’t sure how not to force it (also the whole non-mobile site is a super buzz kill on the usefulness of it) Ello is for artists and creators, and that’s ok with us - Ello has added “Hire me” buttons that you can put on your page - The shoppping experience, or the “Buy button” is now on iOS Snapchat, the app that seems perfect for jack-russel terriers, those living with ADHD, and/or someone younger than us - Snapchat in trouble for filters Miitomo, I have no link for this, I have never used this, but I hear that…uh… someone somewhere has Hello, our new favorite network, I’m not going to call it twinstagouts, but it’s pretty much a mashup of Twitter, Instagram, and Hangouts Security News Volkswagen vehicles can be unlocked with an arduino Shame on United Airlines, two forms of single-authentication does not equal 2 Factor Authentication Frequent password changes might not be as secure as just letting users keep their password Another Point of Sale data breach, this time at a few hotels. (read more)

Episode 17: Securify Your Internet of Things

Security news ‘nopass’ is not a good password Surprised that it was stealing and not hacking Not loosing sleep over this Sometimes it just takes making it mainstream to find out how easy it is to hack If you find a usb drive, don’t plug it in! Instead, perhaps you should just buy one from Amazon Not two factor but kinda.. What are the limits of 2FA? It comes down to services that don’t use it Business news Swiftkey was sharing too much Ello might have a way to make money, people buying and selling. (read more)

Episode 16: Tablets, Smart Devices, and 3D without the Glasses

Tablets, Smart Devices, and 3D without the Glasses New advancements on the gaming front herald a game-changing shift from the traditional console based mayhem and magic that has been the staple of Nintendo strategy. Will this new direction up the game and bring Nintendo back to lead, or is it too little, too late? Smartwatches are actually selling and selling quite well (jury is out on how well Apple is doing, but with the release of the Apple Watch 2 and new features pitched at WWDC this could still apply to them), so what makes the latest smart watch entry different? (read more)

Episode 15: Keep Your Tech Close and Your Phone Closer

Keep Your Tech Close and Your Phone Closer The pace of technology is taking rapid strides that are leaving some of our antiquated laws, protections, and “common sense” in the dust. In this episode we discuss some of the current security risks, vulnerabilities, and bad laws that make using tech more complicated than it needs to be. In the same breath, we also are happy that the ones disclosing these vulnerabilities are white-hat researchers that want to make the mobile environment a better place. (read more)

Episode 14: Why the lack of security?, News, and a tip on your battery

Walmart needs 2-Factor Auth to Stay Relevant This has happened more than once, your Walmart account is suddenly flagged for being fraudulent, or the gift card you have in your account suddenly disappears and you get a shipping notification for a delivery across the country. It is past time where retailers who keep your payment information step up and enable 2FA to help protect your identity as well as your money. (read more)

Episode 13: Is HTML5 the new Windows? News, and a Tip on Domain Hosting

Is HTML5 the New Windows Does the power of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript lend itself to a massive shift in how applications are consumed? Are we on the cusp of switching from a “native” app experience to a completely digital one? In this episode Casey and Phil discuss the merits of keeping data light with accessible devices powered by the cloud and supporting technology while also bringing up the merit of keeping data personal and powered by the device you currently have in your pocket. (read more)

Episode 12: The Principles of Service for Apps, news, and a tip on permissions

Whether you are a creator or a consumer of apps there are certain things that you expect to happen. You expect the app to work, to give you a “basic” level of use, and to have a fair trade in cost (whether monitary, virtual, or of personal nature). In this episode we discuss what we believe are the principles of service and how some developers have abused or are being abused by this philosophical requirement. (read more)

Episode 11: The Beta Culture

Is the new mentality of development offering a beta product? Are stable releases even valid anymore? In this episode Casey, Phil, and Chris discuss what the beta culture is and what it means. The Beta culture Android (via Google Play) allows developers to offer Beta versions of their apps Google Maps now offers a beta version Have we all just been Beta Testing Skyrim? News Hacker News SysAdmins can be found in violation in CFAA Why the NSA needed help in San Bernadeno Want access to a government server? (read more)

Episode 10: Review implementation and commentary, news, and a tip on web servers

This week, we talk about “reviews”, as well as a list of news items that keep you in the loop and up to speed on the whats-been-going-on in the tech sector. Reviews For many the de-facto-standard on product information is going straight to Amazon and looking at the reviews there. This however presents a problem as many reviews are “shill”, whether malicious or paid. Amazon has decided to fight against shill reviews by punishing companies that encourage them as well as placing lawsuits against those that have been manipulating review data. (read more)

Episode 9: News, and plenty of it!

Back from holiday, we have decided to skip a main topic on this episode and instead dive straight into all the news that has happened in the last two weeks. With everything from Google vs Oracle with API/Java usage to bad government decisions (encryption equals terrorism?), to apps watching and selling your personal location data as well as self testing the theory that Facebook listens to everything you say (update: they have an official blog post that says they aren’t doing that), you will find something of interest in this episode. (read more)

Episode 8: Live from Google I/O 2016!

In this episode, Phil and special guest Chris do a live show from Google I/O 2016. This episode covers what was announced in the keynote, what we saw in person, and covers our feelings on why Google I/O is no longer a developer destination so much as the “tech version” of woodstock/cochella. It is kind of funny, but the main message for developers is to decrease wait/load times and to increase the user accessibility, however at I/O we were placed in ridiculously long lines, kicked out of sessions, and basically treated in the exact opposite way of how you should treat your users. (read more)

Episode 7: Defining the 2nd generation of tech, and what the future holds

Casey and Phil discuss what it means to have grown up in the first generation of tech and how it is changing now to incorporate family and friends. We discuss various changes to various platforms and services including Apple, Google, and Amazon, and also some issues to the current sharing model. We also cover some awesome news from the last week, including: Since we mentioned this last episode, a follow-up India has a bad idea in the name of security Google vs Oracle More chat options, YouTube? (read more)

Episode 6: Is Mobile First Dead, plenty of news, and a tip on image compression

A former VP at Verizon has told people that he believes mobile first is dead, and that it may never have existed in the first place. We discuss this issue and talk about various ways to implement responsive design into your website. We also discuss hackers, TOR, the end-to-end encryption battle (Brazil/Brasil blocked access to WhatsApp due to it), and more. We also introduce the “lightening round” to get through the rest of the show when we spend too much time on a topic. (read more)

Episode 5: The ethics of providing medical information online, news, and a firewall for your Android device

This show has a lively discussion about marketing and information sharing that could define a new set of ethics. We compare and contrast a marketing campaign by Target, the ability for your smart-device to tell you if you have cancer, and a channel available on Alexa that would allow your Amazon Echo to give you medical information about your child. We also cover some of the hottest news from the last week including: (read more)

Episode 4: A virtual discussion about reality, news, and a tip on effective debugging

Virtual reality is on the cusp of becoming a mainstream technology. Who are the main players and what are the considerations that must be made when creating content for this new medium. We also return our discussion to application delivery, is streaming an application over the internet lazy or efficient? Should we move to API-based web delivery or are there benefits to streaming an application. Other hot topics discussed are Google winning a case over indexing books and offering excerpts as search results and get a perspective from a published author. (read more)

Episode 3: The 2016 Gear Show, news, and using a VPN

In this episode we discuss the various gear that they use and describe why they use what they use. We also discuss the latest in tech news, including a bill that has the potential to change privacy and encryption rules forever. We also give a tip on using a VPN when you are using any network but your own and give a simple explanation on how a VPN works. As promised, here is a script that can be run on most linux servers to create a VPN automatically (this has been personally tested on Ubuntu for the server and OpenVPN Connect for Android and Tunnelblick on OS X for the client). (read more)

Episode 2: New Browsers, Chrome Developer Tools, Why Apple vs FBI matters, and How to Encrypt Cloud Files

In this episode we discuss the new Brave browser as well as Vivaldi hitting 1.0. We discuss the new Chrome Developer Tools, talk about the recent Apple vs FBI case and the how and why of iPhone hacking, and give a tip on file encryption with cloud services. Note that in the show we mention that a demonstration was performed using Go to build an Android app that ran at 120fps. (read more)

Episode 1: Mobile security bulletins and using Fail2Ban on your server

Welcome to Episode 1 of Developer Antics! In this episode we welcome back Phil from The Full Stack, discuss mobile security bulletins for iOS and Android, and offer a tip on securing your server when using SSH. Links from the show: Android security bulletin iOS security bulletin Next episode: A proper welcome to the program with Casey 2016 Gear Guide Encryption More! (read more)